OEM Standards

We promise to provide an outstanding professional service and offer competitive pricing even under tight economical constraints, without compromising the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) quality standards. We have the backing from reputable industry leaders, on the decorative and construction products that we are sourcing and installing. Therefore we will be readily prepared to provide any technical information thereof (as a standard) at all times.

Commitment To Our Craft

While we understand the level of the existing competition in the environment we are operating in, we however continuously strive to make our mark by displaying our commitment and professionalism. Our clients typify our service as unique due to our ability to combine our discipline, commitment, prompt after service care, flair and cleanliness, and our value for money service (even more).


We are a proudly South African registered business, with our operating office based in Johannesburg (established 2007) We primarily undertake a variety of installation projects on a wide selection of decorative products (listed under the products and projects page). The founder and Director Lucky Sakonta, has immense knowledge in the business we are operating in, acquired through years of his passionate handymanship and a variety of projects he carried out over the years since registering this business.

His aim is to pass on his skills and experience to the others for their growth and development, in order to uphold the legacy of this business. We pride ourselves with the fact that we are predominantly sourcing locally designed and manufactured goods, thereby contributing to our local economic growth. We are confidently securing a footprint in the Gauteng region and continually striving to spread our wings across the other regions.

Please feel free to contact us (details in our contact page) to arrange a site visit, for a product demonstration and matching, and see how we could possibly work together to providing a satisfactory solution to your home or office deco projects requirements. Our site visits and quotations are cost free (within a reasonable traveling distance)

SakonTarget Projects
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